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Strategy Workshops & Business Analysis

Empirical Works have cross industry experience in running strategy workshops, to analyse business requirements prior to commencement of development or design work, to assist the client in fleshing out ideas and business-level goals, including key KPIs such as budget and time as well as user, product and business-goal orientated measurements, or where these requirements are not clear or well understood.

By providing Strategy Workshops prior to commencement of work, it ensures that all stakeholders are able to put forward their business requirements, goals and KPIs, so that the app developed will be targeted towards achieving these strategic goals at every level.

Why Strategy Workshops & Business Analysis?

Too often, like people, businesses rush into doing things without thinking, for the fear of getting left behind. For Enterprise Mobility, this usually means businesses may…

  • …purchase mobile devices (phones, tablets) without considering their use cases or what they’ll use them for
  • …build apps for the sake of building apps, without clear business objectives and tie-in to strategies and ROI
  • …build silo-ed apps in various business divisions without company-wide integration
  • …implement various apps and solutions independently without sharing common technology, platforms and outcomes that feed back into each other
  • …spend too much money on packaged products, platforms, or technologies that are great individually, but do not work well together
  • …create ineffective solutions that are out of date, or not industry best-practices due to the lack of domain knowledge and research

To achieve the best ROI, Empirical Works puts strategy and thinking first, before committing to any expensive technologies, devices and solutions. This consulting, reviewing, analysing and recommending phase ensures a cohesive and well thought out approach going forward, and is done through a results driven Workshop process.

The first step in defining a structured mobility plan for your business, by reviewing existing processes, people and infrastructure, analysing the situation, and recommending a way forward

What is a Strategy Workshop?

  • A structured consulting approach to solving vague business challenges
  • A two week, self-contained process from start to end
  • A single full day workshop within the two weeks, where stakeholders are gathered together for interviews, structured discussions and brainstorming activities

A workshop is a standard industry best-practice approach, where…

  • The questions to be answered are high level, business-context based
  • The current understanding contains blindspots, or vague areas that the stakeholders themselves may not be aware of
  • The current understanding and desired solutions are not defined down to requirements level
  • The correct recommendations are dependent on context, whether it’s at a strategic, roadmap or product level
  • Jumping into the implementation stage without consideration of the bigger picture is guaranteed to be a costly mistake that will require backtracking and re-implementation

Some typical questions that are answered during a strategic workshop:

  • “What is mobility to my business?”
  • “What are the benefits of mobility?”
  • “What mobility outcomes should we expect?”
  • “What mobile devices should we buy?”
  • “How do we deal with BYOD?”
  • “How am I performing in terms of mobility compared to my industry and competitors?”
  • “How do I plan out a product roadmap for my mobile app solutions?”
  • “Do I need an internal team, use an existing partner, or work with an external team for my mobility needs?”
  • “What are some issues around deployment and security that I should be aware of?”

All Empirical Workshops are custom and tailored according to specific business requirements and project backgrounds, and can vary from pure Enterprise Mobility workshops to more product-specific UI and UX workshops.