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Product Design

Do you have a great idea, but don’t know how to implement it as a mobile app?

Empirical Works are true mobile consultants that have helped our corporate and enterprise clients review their business requirements, identify relevant short, medium and long term mobile trends, to uncover the resulting mobile app required for productivity, efficiency and sales possibilities gains.

With experience on projects across features such as GPS, iBeacons, payment, gamification and sales tools, and across industries such as automotive, construction, energy and consumer goods, Empirical Works knows what apps are out there and what makes it suitable for your business and your business’s needs and requirements.

By designing products around current industry Enterprise Mobility trends and proven concepts, Empirical Works can scope out and define that mobile app your business needs.

Sample Enterprise Product Design Trends & Solutions

Too much paperwork?

How much paper goes through your business every day? How do you get the paperwork out to your employees and workers? How long do they spend filling it out? How accurate is the information? How much time do you spend with data-entry of these paperwork to get it back into the system, and how long does this entire process take from start to finish?

For any company of significant size, paperwork is a burden and bottleneck for your business processes, but it doesn’t have to be.

Converting some of your core business processes to a mobile solution is usually a quick-win that can ease the burden on your data entry and support staff, by reducing the amount of paperwork going out, and reducing the amount of data entry on the way back in. It can augment and validate the information you request with metadata and rich contextual information (such as GPS locations, time, photographs and voice recordings), and provide near-real time feedback and analytics so that your managers and decision makers can instantly see what’s happening and respond to live issues immediately.

Paperless process conversion is an efficient, cost effective and straightforward way to improve your business, and Empirical Works can help you identify the correct solution for your business, and the cost savings and efficiency gains that can be achieved.

Launching a new product or need some brand awareness?

Apps are cool, and apps are fun. Mobile apps are currently perceived as a fun, interactive and innovative way to get your message out to consumers, and are received positively by both the marketing specialists and the consumers themselves.

While billboards can only be read while driving past them, magazines and newspapers read on the train, and TV ads while sitting down at home, mobile apps can be accessed from anywhere, and when combined with the inherent technical capabilities of mobile devices, some amazing and creative campaigns can be created to promote your new product to generate brand awareness, engagement and buzz.

Consider the KFC Snack! In the face campaign or Virgin’s Game of Phones – KFC Snack! In the Face cleverly combined a fun game with strategically-timed afternoon give-aways, while Virgin’s Game of Phones generated buzz through its digital game of hide-and-seek. Statistically, both generated better ROIs than traditional TV campaigns, and achieved more eyeballs and participation rates than traditional TV or print marketing campaigns.

Empirical Works, having worked with some of Australia’s largest media and marketing agencies, are experts at identifying the strategic thinking behind these successful mobile app marketing campaigns, and we can help you achieve similar results and targets for your business and your products.

Need to increase sales directly or support your salespeople?

Would your brick-and-mortar store benefit from having a tablet in the store to assist the customers with their purchase? How about having a sales demonstration app for your salespeople to show potential clients when they visit them at the client’s offices? Or would pushing sales deals and suggestions to your customers as they walk past certain locations – your store or even your competitor’s store – promote new sales opportunities? Or implementing loyalty programs on mobile devices that can update points automatically as they make their purchase?

In addition to providing core-business sales directly (such as selling items in-app or ordering food via an app), mobile solutions can support your sales process in many other ways, regardless of how your sales process works. At Empirical Works, we have experience with analyzing our client’s sales process and cycle to identify at which point we can help, and have implemented results orientated solutions that increased sales and improved leads-to-sales conversions.

It’s time to think outside the box with the possibilities – why limit your sales potential to the traditional channels when it can be so much more?