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Iterative Design & Rapid Prototyping

“What are some quick-win, low-hanging fruit actions we can take to get some results fast?”

At Empirical Works, we believe in agile, rapid iterative development for mobility projects, given the interactive nature of mobile apps and user-centric focus. As such, we promote iterative development where possible that emphasizes quick results, active user-testing and learning, and a close working relationship with all project stakeholders.

Our iterative development process emphasises user-centric design that puts the user’s needs, thinking and behaviour first, and allows us to get an app into the user’s hands fast for testing and review. This quick turnaround time of the iterative process allows us to refine and test our assumptions and designs on real user response and feedback.

Talk to us now and see how we can help you get your business app concept-to-phone ASAP.