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iOS App Development

Empirical Works are mobile app development experts with the in-house capability to create high, quality, enterprise-level iOS apps for your business, both for external facing consumer apps and internal facing employee enterprise apps.

Whether it’s iPhone Apps, iPad Apps or Apple Watch, Empirical Works can provide you with trusted, proven developers across all aspects of iOS development, using iOS App Developers with over 6 years experience in building quality, professional, business-orientated mobile apps.

About iOS, iPhones, iPads & Apple Watch
  • iOS – The most trusted and proven smartphone and tablet OS

    150 million iPhones sold per year. The most valuable brand in the world. Highest smartphone user satisfaction ratings. No cross-hardware device complications.

  • iPhone

    The first and original modern smartphone, and still one of the most popular premium devices on the market. Easy to design, develop and maintain with little hardware complications – iPhone apps are the essential first step for businesses looking to implement mobility solutions.

  • iPad

    In 2014, 80% of all tablet web traffic comes from iPad. As a content consumption device, the iPad is perfect not just for external consumer facing apps, but for internal enterprise mobility solutions as well, where the tablet can be used as a replacement for pen-and-paper processes and cumbersome desktop solutions.

  • Apple Watch

    Personal, interactive and innovative – the Apple Watch is a premium wearable device that brings notifications and control capabilities closer to the user. It’s the ideal tool for businesses looking for that extra marketing oomph or for the enterprise seeking to experiment with the wearable’s notification and control options.

  • Reliable, quality-focused enterprise-level development for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps

    Empirical Works has designed and built high quality iPhone Apps, iPad Apps and Apple Watch Apps for global brands and businesses across industries such as construction, automotive, energy, soft drinks and retail, and can do the same for you and your business.