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Create apps for your business – on a new project basis, for innovation trial programs, or simply find engineers to complete an existing project

Helping businesses at every step of their mobility journey

Empirical Works’ goal is to help you quickly achieve results through successful implementation and development of mobile apps.

We realize that every business is different, are at different stages of their mobility journey, and therefore have different app development and enterprise mobility needs.

We therefore leverage our capabilities to assist businesses at three key points in their mobility journey, where we can get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time:

Strategy & Innovations

“I have an idea…”

Do you have a business goal and outcome in mind, but don’t know exactly what app you need to make it happen?

Are you curious about new technologies such as beacons and data analytics, and want to see how they can be incorporated into your business?

Do you have a small budget to try new ideas out as a proof of concept, to get buy-in from the rest of the business, but don’t know where to start?

The Solution

Empirical Works is your innovations-as-a-service provider. By utilizing the startup approach of running fast, cost-effective and time-capped pilot projects, and utilizing UX-focused product design workshops, business ideas can be developed and tested out quickly by real users as once-off or ongoing experiments.

UX-Focused & Product Based Workshops

Develop Business Ideas fast

Get data and test with real users quickly

Project-based App Development

“I have a mobile app project…”

Have a project in your product roadmap or mobility pipeline that needs to be started?

Does your department or division have an app that needs to be delivered?

Want to create an app for your business but don’t know where to start?

The Solution

Empirical Works is your one-stop mobile app development partner. Simply give us your ideas and business objectives and us much detail as you have, and we will handle the heavy lifting around product strategy, design, development and deployment, and work closely with you so you get the custom solution and results that you want.

Our App Solutions

Developer Resourcing

“I need engineers…”

Started a mobility project but have trouble finishing it due to technical challenges?

Ran into resourcing issues and need a mobile developer ASAP?

Need a mobile developer to start coding and fix issues now?

The Solution

Empirical Works can provide resourcing on a per-engineer basis, so you are guaranteed to get engineers with proven experience and verified background and skillsets without the risks typically associated with last-minute contractors, or the cost and time overheads of recruiters and internal hiring.