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Internal Employee Solutions

Increase employee productivity. Reduce paperwork. Create tools to drive more sales. Internal Enterprise Mobility projects are currently a $72 billion dollar industry in 2015, which will grow to $284 billion in 2019. Have you thought about how mobility can make your place more streamlined, productive and efficient?

Increase Employee Productivity

L'Oreal Logo Case Study

L’Oreal is a global cosmetics company with over 78,000 employees worldwide, with a portfolio of brands including L’Oreal, Lancome, Biotherm, Garnier and Maybelline.

L’Oreal wanted to improve employee productivity by developing and releasing an internal employee training and educational, with a focus on gamification and integration in to real-world company events and locations.

Empirical Works assisted L’Oreal with the solution definition, the product design, the engineering and development of the solution, and the deployment and ongoing growth of the solution.

L'Oreal case study image
L'Oreal case study image

Improve Employee Efficiency
Boral Asphalt

Boral Logo For Case Study

Boral Limited is a multinational company dealing in building and construction materials.

Boral Asphalt wanted to improve employee efficiency by reducing on-site paperwork and remove human data entry bottlenecks in their process, which involved field staff, resource allocation staff, managers and vehicle drivers.

Empirical Works assisted Boral Asphalt with the analytical and strategic examination of their existing business process and operations, and designed a functional solution prototype that demonstrated business transformation and an optimization of their existing flow and process.

Boral Asphalt case study image
Boral Asphalt case study image

Increase Competitive Advantages
Royal Lifesaving NSW

Royal Lifesaving NSW Logo For Case Study

The Royal Life Saving Society of Australia (RLSSA) has been serving Australia for over 110 years and is the leading water safety, swimming and lifesaving education organisation in Australia.

Royal Lifesaving NSW (RLSNSW) wanted to increase their competitive advantage by optimising their pool auditing process, through the use of tablet devices and leveraging data through analytics to gain vital insights into their flow and customers.

Empirical Works assisted RLSNSW through strategic analysis of their existing technologies and solutions, and provided guidance on the scope and design of a complete product that included a field-staff-facing component, a manager-facing CMS component, and a client-facing analytics component.

Royal Lifesaving NSW case study image
Royal Lifesaving NSW case study image

Increase Sales
Ricoh Australia

Ricoh Australia Logo For Case Study

Ricoh is a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company that produces office printing and projector equipment.

Ricoh Australia wanted to increase their sales numbers for their Interactive Whiteboard product, which was too large and cumbersome to be physically carried by their salespeople to their client’s offices.

Empirical Works assisted Ricoh Australia with the strategic design and development of a tablet sales demo app that mimicked the key functionalities of their interactive whiteboard, along with sales demo videos that allowed the whiteboard to be presented to clients around Australia.

Ricoh Australia case study image
Ricoh Australia case study image

Increase Management Responsiveness

Mirvac Logo For Case Study

Mirvac is a integrated real-estate group with over 40 years in the Australian development and construction industry, that creates, owns and manages a diverse portfolio of assets across the office, retail, industrial and residential sectors.

Mirvac wanted to create an internal employee-facing solution that allowed on-site employees to transmit status and progress updates to their managers, and also for the employees to be trained up and educated in the latest processes and work requirements.

Empirical Works assisted Mirvac with the development of the solution, assisting with technical scoping, development and integration of the solution, by working with technologies such as Xamarin, Cordova and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Ricoh Australia case study image
Ricoh Australia case study image

These are just a small subset of our projects and results we’ve achieved for our clients.

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