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Empirical Works Careers

Business Analyst / UX Strategist

Sydney Office

We’re Empirical Works, one of Australia’s leading mobility solutions providers for corporate and enterprise clients, and we’re looking for a Business Analyst/US Strategist to join our growing team.

The role involves working with leads and client stakeholders to identify business-level strategic objectives, and then translating them into clear project-level objectives in the form of reports, documentation and proposals.

The target client businesses are tier 1 or 2 businesses across industries from construction to minig to utilities and consumer goods, and the projects are mostly internal enterprise objectives, processes and resourcing requirements.

The role has three key responsibilities in a typical project lifecycle:

  • 1. ¬†Creating pre-sales proposals based on the client’s unique requirements
  • 2. Conducting stakeholder workshops with key stakeholders once the project is underway
  • 3. Represent the client’s needs and requirements to the development team (PM, designer, developers) throughout the development process

Other Areas

While we're not actively looking out for these roles, if you have the right experience and passion in mobility, and want to work with us, contact us using the enquiries form and we'll get back to you.